Striking Range (formerly Bloodlines)

STRIKING RANGE  (formerly Bloodlines)

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In Striking Range, Vash (Lou Diamond Phillips) a special forces veteran has assembled a small crew of experts to do the "underground jobs nobody wants". Hatem (Tom Wright), who is Vash's right hand man and former military sniper, Mabe (Scarlett McAlister), the Irish born tech expert of the team, and Tave (Steve Krieger) the inside man who's always in disguise round out Vash's army. Emily Johanson (Yancy Butler) is Vash's former flame who now works for a major defense company. Her boss, the CEO Ted Billings, wants Vash and his team to protect him from some black operatives who want delivery on a special next generation weapon. Billings has told them it doesn't work and wants Emily, a former Secret Service worker, and Vash, to protect him. Things get ugly when the black ops (Lead by Karate star Jeff Speakman) want their weapon and it is discovered that there is more to Billings son Brice (Troy Baker) than first realized.