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A troubled life led Kris Furillo (Genevieve Cortese) to juvenile hall where her only friend is a failed racehorse named Wildfire.

Desperate for a second chance, Kris accepts a job at the Raintree Horse Farm, owned by the Ritter family. The Ritters used to be at the top of the high-stakes, winner take all racing world, but now they need a winning horse to keep Raintree alive. A beautiful outsider in a ruthless world of wealth and power, Kris learns she must live by a different set of rules as Wildfire remains Kris's one true friend and soon becomes Raintree's last hope.


Genevieve Cortese (Kris Furillo)
Greg Serano (Pablo Betart)
Nana Visitor (Jean Ritter)
Micah Alberti (Matt Ritter)
Ryan Sypek (Jr. Davis)
Nicole Tubiola (Dani Davis)
Dennis Weaver (Henry Ritter)
Andrew Hoeft (Todd Ritter)
James Read (Ken Davis)

Guest Starring

Arye Gross (Charlie Hewitt)
Joe Lando (Pete Ritter)
Scarlett McAlister (Wendy Levy)
Amy Jo Johnson (Tina Sharp)
Kieren Hutchison (Kerry Connelly)
Josh Berry (Bart Blitzer)
Jason London (Bobby)
Kristy Vaughn (Molly Blitzer)