The Missing

The Missing (2003)

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Working on The Missing was an amazing experience. Everyone was so wonderful. Ron is such a kind and good man, so easy to work for. Cate and Tommy Lee taught us all so much. True professionals. While we were in the elements the majority of the time, everyone took very good care of us.

There was only one day where we were genuinely miserable! One scene was set in Mexico, so we needed to look like we were hot and sweaty. The day that we were set to shoot a BLIZZARD blew in. So there we were in the cave, snow was blowing everywhere, it was freezing and we were shaking from the cold. We tried and tried to keep shooting but the fact that you could see our breath was a major problem. They kept covering us with huge blankets and had heaters in front of us trying to get us warm enough to shoot a little but nothing worked. We had to wait for it to blow over before we could resume shooting.

Here's a photo from The Missing. That's my sister, Molly, in the blue sarape on my left - we play two of seven girls who are kidnapped by Indians and forced to endure hardships as we're taken by horseback to Mexico to be sold (aren't we beautiful)!

While we were bound and gagged most of the time, we were 'self tied'. Basically it just looked like we were tied up but we really weren't. We all just had the ropes twisted around our hands and feet so that it looked good.

The gags around our heads had to be tied on by the prop master but were loose enough for us to pull out of our mouths to be comfortable in between shots. Truth be known, I think we were all willing to suffer anything to be a part of this film! It was wonderful no matter what.

I think the best part for my sister Molly and I was being able to ride horses in such a beautiful setting. We became quite attached to our horses and it was hard to leave them. Mine was named Doc, a big, stout bay gelding who would do anything and go anywhere for me. I never had to worry with Doc, he was so sure footed and brave. Molly's horse, Navajo, a black Mustang, was such a sweetheart. Very gentle and mellow, he was pokey-slow and hated to run. She had to work hard to get him going during a few scenes, but rewarded his efforts with cookies and apples she hid in her saddle bags. Both horses took great care of us the whole time and in return were showered with affection and treats! It was a bit of a tearful good bye when we left to come back home to Texas. We both think of the horses often and hope that they are doing well.