Hate Crime

Hate Crime (2004)

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Currently on the film festival circuit and winning awards left and right, Hate Crime is an excellent film that I was very proud to have been a part of. Director Tommy Stovall has written and brought to life the story of a gay couple, Robbie Levinson and Trey McCoy, (Seth Peterson & Brian J. Smith) who find themselves dealing with prejudice and hostility as their new neighbor, Chris Boyd (Chad Donella), begins to threaten their lives. After Trey suddenly disappears one night the film takes a surprising turn into exploring the destructive nature of radical religion-based prejudice and becomes a testament to the power of love. With a surprise ending and an all-star cast, this film deserves every bit of success that it recieves.

Many thanks to Tommy Stoval and his partner Mark Sterling for asking me to be a part of this project. With the help of Casting Director Toni Cobb-Brock, I was given the opportunity to branch out into a role that normally I would not have been considered for -that of a doctor. This was an especially enjoyable film to be a part of as I was reunited with several close friends in the cast (Farah White as Det Fisher and Brandy Little as Stella Levinson -two of the best actresses out of Texas to ever grace the big screen!) and a top notch Texas crew full of familiar faces and friends.